Kitchen Design

Tips for what you do before you call a professional kitchen remodel company.

There are different types of remodel professionals based on the needs you’ll have; Kitchen Designers, Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, and Installers.

So what and who do you need? A big part of that answer will depend on how much you are doing on your own, and how much help you can afford. Most importantly, do you homework- know your likes and dislikes and itemize your priorities. For example, if a commercial grade appliance is really important to you, then you may need to spend less somewhere else in the kitchen design.

Consider time as well as budget

Things tend to take a lot longer than we think they will. If you need permits, that will add time to your construction project. Also, you may need to check with your HOA (if you have one) because they can be pretty strict sometimes.

When designing your kitchen, start by looking through magazines and design books, and take photos of friend’s kitchens that you like. Keep everything together in a folder so you have easy access. These types of projects can be a little overwhelming, so having your ideas all together and prioritized will help keep you on track and within budget.

Think about appliances, flooring, wall color, cabinets, countertops, and the details. You will also want to think about your daily kitchen needs as well as those one time a year events like Thanksgiving Dinner for the entire extended family.

Now, let’s talk about kitchen style.

First start with the architecture of your home for clues. You will want hints of the overall style to find its way int to the kitchen to make your entire home feel more put together. Also, look at the type of furniture you tend to buy. Is it more modern, or traditional? This will help you determine what direction to take your kitchen design.  Here is a video for inspiration: