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Thursday, January 27, 2011

girard's premium dressing giveaway

a fellow pinay mommy blogger, ACmomCee, is currently having a giveaway on her happy home working blog. you can win these delectable girard's premium dressing (four flavors) for u.s. residents or paypal cash worth $20 dollars for international participants (like moi!). 

joining is easy enough all you have to do is follow several mandatory requirements and you can be on your way to being $20 richer by February 05. 

for complete requirements and additional information, kindly drop by ACmomCee's blog by clicking on her lover badge here:


goodluck everyone :) 

hongkong disneyland 5th celebration promo

in line with hongkong disneyland's 5th year anniversary, they are having a giveaway where you have a chance to win 2 tickets for free!

simply visit hongkong disneyland for more details...

enchanting kristmas!

where are we going? enchanted kingdom!
for christmas 2010 we decided to start a new family tradition of spending christmas day out and agreed to go to enchanted kingdom for our starters. we will be going with our cousin, dennis (jared's godfather).

we woke up surprisingly early on the morning of 25th (considering we slept a bit late because of noche buena the night before). but even so, we were still late for the agreed departure time, what with preparations and all, and adding the hassle that is commuting on the biggest holiday of the year (which i do not want to relive here) to the fray! to cut the story short, we arrived in laguna a little before 4pm, dazed, frazzled, worn out and in my case, famished (i do not know what is with me and eating this days, i eat like an avid - maybe i'll write a separate post on this)!

as expected, the theme park is packed today, with all the families taking advantage of the holidays from work and the off time from schools or the ex-pat aunt/uncle arriving from the states after so many years. needless to say, the day was spent plowing through lines upon lines since the moment we sent foot outside the park's entrance.

with tita cecille

the theme park experience

for the entrance fee, i was contemplating on getting either a regular day pass (at P500 holiday rate, ride-all-you-can ticket) or the carousel special (at P150, includes free admission to the park grounds and unlimited access to the Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, and Boulderville Express) since i will only be riding the ones where jared are allowed. they also have a junior day pass for chidlren 36-47 inches tall (at P320, with unlimited rides to all of the park's ride). i decided on getting a ride-all-you-can tab in the end, and thought of passing jared to one my siblings when i feel the urge to ride the space shuttle perhaps:)
the enchanted kingdom marquee, with cuz, nok
jared + mum with the moon man
first destination for a mum with a baby whose been out for almost 6 hours now is the loo for the much needed diaper change and i was much relieved to find no long lines in the bathroom. the downside though is that they do not have these portable diaper changing pads (like the ones in malls) and i had to lay jared on the marble-topped counter which, of course, he despised that i have to change his diaper while he stands, quite a daunting job if you ask me!

now getting into the rides are probably the most time-and-energy-consuming task of the day, not to mention frustrating and irritating. apart from the very long queues, some rides even require you to pile up for an hour or two to take your turn. now imagine standing in a queue for an hour with a 14-kilo baby in your arms! i know right?!

the first in our itinerary is the grand carousel, which turned out to be one of the too few rides we were able enjoy. i was wondering if jared will enjoy this horsey ride. he's had his first carousel ride not long ago and he had a grand time so i was betting he will enjoy it this time around. bu i think my little man was a little exhausted from the long journey and is stressed with all the noise, people and activities around him, that mid-way through the ride he was dismounting his horsey and i struggled to keep him still and we were the first to leave once the ride halted.

the next ride we queued for, with tito ken in tow, is the swan lake. kids have to be 33inches above to be allowed to ride, and jared easily passed that requirement. it will take us 1 hour to get to the start of the line, so says the sign at the beginning of the queue. because i really loved for jared to ride this, he will be delighted by the floating giant swan in the lake am sure, we waited for our turn, albeit impatient, only to find out, and much to our dismay we only found out when it was our turn to ride, that i can't put jared on my lap while we ride, that he has to be sitting in between myself and my brother. i really had reservations about it, see my son is very young to be sitting on his own, strapped or not! and to think we will be sailing across the water while he's doing it just simply made me decide against it instantly.  so yeah, that is one our off our expedition wasted! it's only a good thing that while we were in line, fire eaters/dancers performed very near the place and we got a great view!

the dinosaur egg ride

the last of the rides we've managed to enjoy is this dinosaur eggs ride, but i think jared's a little overwhelmed by the size of this kiddie ferriswheel, he wanted to undo his seatbelt halfway! maybe i should wait a little while longer before we will be riding again.... so we just stroll around after that and took some photos..

 i also tried my hand at some games too and managed to score a little blue crayon from a P50-dart game and little doggie stuff toys for a P50-ring-toss game.

being on my toes for almost 8 hours makes me really hungry, it always does! as i realized it now, i ate three times while in the park, first when we just arrived, before we started riding anything i asked them that we eat  because i was really hungry..all in all, i ate a hotdog sandwich + a large cup of iced tea, 2 slices of pizza and a bottle of mineral water, and dinner comprised of 1 cup of rice, a stick of pork barbeque and a bowl of soup plus a large glass of iced tea! i spent about P700 on my meals alone! enormous appetite right? if you have the same appetite i suggest you bring a few extra moolah, food here don't come cheap. some people would  actually bring snacks and packed lunch and will opt to eat in their cars instead. 
tita isabel and the ferriswheel

and since i can't join the other adults in the other rides like the space shuttle, the ferriswheel (which i've managed to ride with ken, right before the park closes, same with anchor's away!), the flying fiesta (which is my favorite ride aside from the grand carousel) i just ambled through the park with my son and checked out the souvenir shops. i was careful not to splurge since i might end up buying stuffs i won't be needing which is really way to bad for my budget. i bought a strawed tumbler for jared (which he personally chose) and a cute purple neck strap for my brand new digicam. my only regret is that i forgot i will be seeing my friends the day after and was not able to buy them any mementos from the place. too bad, really!
enjoying a downtime with tito ninong dennis
we took photos from all over the place and saw the fireworks (which i think jumpstarted jared's fascination of fireworks altogether) too!

we didn't leave until the theme park closed and i must say it was a worthwhile experience, tiring yet utterly enjoyable, i know even my son enjoyed it and for that i gave it my two thumbs up!  it is something we all love to do again, in fact my sisters are requesting we go back on jared's birthday. hmm.. i guess am gonna have to think about it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mommy mondays 01

you must realize by now how much i love joining blog memes and am so excited to have found another one, i discovered this new one whilst browsing through my favorite blogs and found this posted on mommy chris', so even if am a day's late, am joining mommy mondays by my adventures in mommyland.

if you'd like to join simply head  to her site, quick while the linky is still open. you can even join her lovely blog design giveaway while you're at it!

meeting other mummy bloggers and linking up with them is  so much fun. enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

music monday - So Beautiful by Darren Hayes of Savage Garden

my entry to this week's 

savage garden is one of my all-time favorite bands and darren hayes (when he was the object of my sister's desire or even when he openly admitted he is gay and married his boyfriend of two years), in my opinion, is simply one of the most beautiful persons around...amazing lyrics, it always floored me to listen to his songs and he just feels too much, which is very evident in every song he writes and sings...

this song is just one of my favorites from him (you can only imagine how hard it is too choose, i have way too many favorites!haha!) i hope you like it too..enjoy!

note: thanks google for the photos and youtube for the video - i love my family!

who:  dear ParenTIN members
what: I Love My Family!
when: February 13, 2011, 2-6pm
where:  Podium Mall

and in line with the activities on this special day, there is a pre-event online contest that could qualify three lucky mummies for a total makeover during the event. for the mechanics, to learn more about the event or to become a member, do visit

see you there:)

mama kat's writer's workshop - 20 ideas to make this your best year yet

Mama's Losin' It
i love the new button

i received this prompt 2 weeks back, i think and didn't get around to finishing my list until now, so without further ado....

to make 2011 the best year ever, i have these 20 ideas in mind:
  1. go back to yoga 
  2. get back in shape
  3. go swimming with my son (it will be his first, so we are so looking forward to it!)
  4. finally learn how to cook delicious and scrumptious meals my son and i can share, i am currently in the look out for recipes and cooking tips and what nots on the net and am glad to have found one:)
  5. go on out-of-town travels (i have subic, tagaytay and baguio in mind)
  6. enroll in a swimming class with my son
  7. go to play gyms more often so jared can have loads of fun
  8. visit a park maybe something near or probably the la mesa ecopark one of these weekends
  9. read a book each week, or if not possible, each month (i have quite a few unread ones i bought when i was pregnant, stashed somewhere)
  10. download more pocoyo + barney episodes
  11. more exciting posts on my blog
  12. buy matching shirts for me, daddy + jared
  13. start refilling my piggy bank
  14. get new story books for my son + i to read
  15. reach level 100 in cafeworld then fullstop!
  16. write poetry again
  17. send snail mail to my friend more often
  18. update my bucketlist (which i've written a few years back)
  19. watch a concert again (if only i can tag jared along)
  20. stick to a morning ritual every single day: pray/meditate-yoga-blog-breakfast
to join future writer's workshop or if you're simply draining on creative juices and is running out of things to write, check out mama kat's recently revamped site for gazillions of writing prompts and whatnot. enjoy! 

    sunday stealing - the ace meme part 01

    Cheers to all of us thieves!

    1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? i have one in my elbow, which i got when i slipped down a pavement a couple of years back

    a parts of the body + colors poster

    i talk in my sleep

    alternative, and of late, nursery rhymes

    it totally escapes me now, i think it's during daytime, about 10am, but will check in my birth certificate later to be sure:)

    pancakes and hash browns from mcdonalds for breakfast

    being lazy and going anywhere i want to, work, sounds funny, but i do miss my work

    i know my son won't be considered my possession so i'll just go with my new digicam and my photos from my childhood and of my parents

    9. HOW TALL ARE YOU? 5'4''

    yes, always!

    sometimes, when i recall all those images from the asian horror films i've seen

    my son, when he bumped his  chin on a monoblock and blood was oozing from his lower lip!

    to be a burden to my son when i get very old

    black and/or their natural hair and eye shades

    if i would, on a beach under the lovely moonlit night
    i choose coffee

    onions, olives, pepperoni


    purple + yellow


    a dictionary

    am a little busy for that at the moment, but my ultimate crus is brandon boyd!


    i don't have a favorite in particular

    i love sandra bullock and gwyneth paltrow and robert de niro and adam sandler

    no time for one at the moment

    27. WHAT KIND IS IT?


    thirty three


    women are like teabags, you'll never know what their made of until you put them in hot water ~ e. roosevelt


    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    a pleasant surprise?

    last sunday i received a text and a message in facebook from my dear friend, beejay, my tukayo (we share the same first name) asking me if i can go to their place come monday so we can meet up. 

    imagine my surprise when i read that. i have not seen my friend since our college graduation which was oh-so-many years ago! (i graduated in 1999, so you can just do the math!) and to top it all off i know that she was very well on the family way and is due in several months. nevertheless, i was very excited to see my friend after a long time so i immediately inquired with our other friends if  they will be available for meet up on the said day. we were originally going to activefun by that time, but i told daddy to reschedule some other time since it is much important to go to beejay's so i can see her and her growing tummy and also, for jared to see his ninang (godmother) for the first time.

    amy is overseas so there is obviously no way she can come with us, meia can't leave the house since no one will be available to look after her mum and same with sharon since her son paolo does not arrive home before 3pm. jackie, who works in manila, told me she will try to ask her boss if she can go on undertime but turned out she can't.  the only one who confirmed is jhapon and we agreed to meet up and go to beejay's together. so with jared in tow, and daddy on the driver seat, armed with my camera (since i plan to take loads of pictures with the very preggie beejay!) off we go to guiguinto.

    being in beejay's house does bring loads of memories. i remember my friend, soft-spoken, the very mahinhin (demure) type, what you'd call a dalagang pilipina, refined and ladylike (well compared to me who's always been unladylike!lol!), sweet and thoughtful, the one who will always have something for you on your birthday (much to your surprise cause others won't even remember it is your birthday!). i remember that even when she migrated to the states with her family, she will never fail to keep in touch, either with a surprise overseas call or an old-school snail mail (which i totally love!). she will never fail to send me letters and cards (there is one for every occasion like birthday, valentines and christmas!) and i soo look forward to receiving her mails (i will write a separate post about it). 

    being in beejay's place made me miss her more. i remember thinking just a couple of weeks back how i regret that my only pregnant friend is a thousand miles away, i would've love to visit her and i remember looking at jared's unused stuffs and the ones he's overgrown thinking to myself "i wish beejay is not so far away so i can give her jared's stuffs and hand-me-downs." so you can only imagine my delight when i found out she's here. i quickly gathered the things i'd like to give her and put it on my johnson's bassinet. too bad i was not able to take a photo of it...i was simply delighted with my handy work i can't wait to give it to my friend and see her reaction.

    when we got there, it was the older woman, who looked after their house while they are away, and david, beejay's husband, who greeted us. as we settled in, we immediately asked about beejay and much to our chagrin, it turned out she didn't really come for a visit and was left in the states since her condition prevented her from travelling! the joke's on us and to think i was the one who spread the news about her arrival and is very excited to invite our friends to visit her! she got us on that one! i remember david doing a roll-call from a list, i am sure beejay provided, as we don't really know each other and are meeting for the first time. it turned out that beejay has a little surprise for us...

    glad to know that victoria secret's not tested on animals
    i enjoyed the chocolates + skippy with the rest of my family and am loving every bit of my victoria secret body mist and lotion (if only for it, i can forget the whole scam beejay's pulled off!hehe!). the gifts are poor substitute for your presence but it is something i really appreciate..thank you! am only hoping we could see you soonest and remember our thoughts and prayers are with you always. we miss you my dear friend!

    note: will insert a photo of my friend here once i got her nod:)

    weekend blog follower caravan #4

    i have been procrastinating recently and was not able to post most of my blog memes, but here i am now with a little time in my hands to compensate for it...i wasn't able to join the 3rd edition, so let me start with this weeks' edition of weekend blog follower caravan

    to all those who've followed me, welcome to my humble abode, am glad i am your follower now, if not, don't worry, i will be sure to visit the link and follow each and every single one of you:)

    this week will be the end of google friend connect followers and next stop will be e-mail subscriber, so if you are aiming to build your readership via e-mail, install those widgets now and don't forget to hop on to pinay mommy bloggers' to link up.

    join me as i discover a lot of lovely mommy blogs around blogosphere. enjoy!

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    indigo baby's jar of hope

    i have read good reviews on this product and have been wanting to try it myself so i requested this for our newly-established tradition family kris kringle last december. my brother bought it from sesou nature source at Php390 for a 30ml-jar.

    in a nutshell:
    • this miracle salve is made out of blue chamomile and essential oils. 
    • an all-around concoction great for mommy + daddy burnouts, stress, insomnia, insect bites, motion sickness, inflammation, rashes, chicken pox, cuts and wounds
    • ideal for fussy babies +  helpful in teething, sore nipples + even breastfeeding!
    • best applied cold (so put it in the fridge when not in use)
    my two-cents:
    • jared bumped his forehead a few days back and it was immediately swollen, i put this salve instead of ice and it worked, the bump is gone the next day!
    • since this is 100% natural, i have peace of mind applying it to any part of my son's body
    • replaces a host of other baby ointments i was using for (like petroleum jelly and the likes)
    • i inhale a whiff (a la vicks vaporub) whenever i have colds and it's very safe i can even have my son do that too:)  
    • the only downside is it is quite pricey for a 30ml salve, but really worth it since peace of mind and your baby's safety is priceless, right? so, i give it my two thumbs up!
    image from indigobaby
    if you'd like to try indigo baby's jar of hope, do hop on to indigobaby   to order online or to view their other interesting and all-natural products.

    note: i was not compensated, either monetary or otherwise, in doing this review. i am simply posting it in the hope to aid other mummies like me out there, in their never-ending quests for earth-friendly, baby approved products:)

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    what's your sign again?

    photo courtesy of
    i just have to ask you again since there has been a buzz about town recently about our zodiac signs' movement due to the discovery of a 13th sign, ophiuchus, and the sign you've grown to love may no longer be your sign anymore. here's a quick view of the updates:
    Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
    Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
    Pisces: March 11- April 18
    Aries: April 18 - May 13
    Taurus: May 13 - June 21
    Gemini: June 21 - July 20
    Cancer: July 20 - Aug. 10
    Leo: Aug. 10 - Sept. 16
    Virgo: Sept. 16 - Oct. 30
    Libra: Oct. 30 - Nov. 23
    Scorpio: Nov. 23 - Nov. 29
    Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 - Dec. 17
    Sagittarius: Dec. 17 - Jan. 20

    the list now includes Ophiuchus, which was originally discarded by the Babylonians all those many years ago because they only wanted 12 star signs!

    among the traits associated with the 13th sign are:
    • a seeker of wisdom and knowledge
    • many people are jealous of this person
    • tends to go for the more flamboyant in dress sense, favoring bright colors
    • authority looks upon him well
    • would make a great architect or builder
    • number 12 is this persons lucky number

     what say you? as for me, and my son, i was a virgo,am a virgo and will always be a virgo!

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    grand baby company fair

                          what: grand baby company fair
                                       featuring all items for babies and toddlers
                          when: sm megatrade halls 2 + 3
                          where: save the dates, jan 28,29 + 30!
                          what's in store for us mommies:
        • Get up to 70% Off on Selected items
        • Get a Free Swag Bag filled with freebies with P1,000 minimum single receipt purchase
        • Attend Learning Sessions with Experts and with Celebrity Moms
        • Free Photo Ops with mascots
        • Lots of Exciting Games and Surprises
        • Gymboree Play Area
                         Its shopping, learning and bonding with your baby rolled into one
                         so don't miss it!

    my 2010 in a nutshell

    as i waive goodbye to the year that was 2010
    i look back with mixed emotions to the year that has been
    a year of beginning and renewing passions,
    a year of creating lifelong traditions,

    jared's baptismal cake from goldilocks
    carried here by ninang jackie
    this time by ninang meia
    we welcome jared to the christian world in january,
    one of the many firsts to celebrate with my baby,
    i've also started teaching him how to pray,
     but just won't simply clasp his hand whichever way,
    and i finally said goodbye to my work of almost five years, in may,
     deciding to be a full-time mom, a 24/7 career sans pay!

    the highlight of my year, 
    the reason for our cheer, 
    we joined with friends and family,
    as we celebrate jared's very first birthday 
    complete with a special dance number from jollibee
     i've also rediscovered my old forgotten passion
    rising from phoenix ashes was my muse,
    albeit in another form
    eureka! for blogging
    and welcome to my very own online journalling,
    with it i embrace unimaginable fun
    the contests, the memes, and the bloghops
    and everything else that goes with the mommy blogger thang
    i was invited to an event or two
    and attended with my son in tow,
    apart from the food, apart from the freebies
    i particularly enjoyed meeting like-minded mummies.
    jared started to walk and toddle,
    and was up for a run in no time,
    he started babbling and uttered his very first  "ma"
    and even the occasional "pa"
    he had his first haircut in september, 
    and i actually thought of keeping the first locks i cut
    in the pages of harry potter
    i usher in the terrible twos 
    not to mention the boo-boos and the poos
    mummies got a handful,
    and it all the more make life wonderful.
       then it was time to cap the year, 
    and as we try to trap the christmas cheer inside of our gifts,
    hoping to brighten up the day
    of anyone who receives,
    my baby was up and about,
    going places here and there,
    enchanted kingdom on christmas day
    we've been to moa,
    and watched rpg metanoia,
    we've been to fun ranch,
    and to activefun

    as we usher in the new year 2011,
    i bring with me everything of the past year worth remembering
    the wonderful moments,
    and the colorful memories.

    note: this is my entry to batangyagit's  "my 2010" blog contest. and thanks to league of legends strategy for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!