Envia Review From a Top Internet Marketer

Eniva was founded on the first of May by a group of businessmen and caters to healthcare as well as household and automotive cleaners. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA. The company is lead by experts in the field of healthcare and marketing. Andrew Baechler is the CEO and he is advised by his brother Dr. Benjamin Baechler who is the Vice Chairman and the Chief Medical Officer.

Eniva follows the philosophy that great health is achieved through a strong and balanced base of nutrition. The philosophy is called The Eniva Philosophy of Wellness. Eniva believes that the absence of proper nutrition leads to illness. Eniva has offered a range of products which ensure the proper supply of vitamins, minerals and other important products to the body. Eniva follows three steps to attain and maintain well being. The first step is the formation of a good nutritional base. The second is to solve any challenges in place to the path to well being. The third step is to devise a nutritional program which will maintain the health and well being of a person once it is achieved.

The Eniva Vibe is the flagship product of the Eniva Company. The Eniva Vibe is a multi nutritional supplement which provides for a lot of the body’s needs. The Eniva Vibe product contains natural minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, zinc, selenium and other important nutrients. The Eniva Vibe is water soluble, which means the body absorbs it easily. A lot of dedicated effort has gone into the design of the products, and customers are usually very satisfied with the results. So Eniva is not just your average healthcare company, but delivers on its claims. Furthermore, many experts at Eniva monitor the global market and its needs and new breakthrough products are constantly being developed.

Members of Eniva enjoy a lot of benefits. Eniva is dedicated to building a members business, his personality and provides training in all necessary sectors. Eniva members get a personalized website which is to help promote their business. Eniva offers very advanced training programs today.

The compensation plan at Eniva is based on many levels. A marketer can advance at Eniva with the volume of his purchase and that of his team mates. A marketer at Eniva starts from a preferred customer and has a chance to end up as the national vice president. The pay commission each month goes up according to the levels a marketer ascends. At Eniva, a marketer can easily earn tens of thousands of dollars every month. Eniva also offers a car bonus program as an incentive. The plan is unique and attracts many people to Eniva.

At Eniva, the success of its members is the success of the company. The members’ goals are Eniva’s goals. Members at Eniva are a valued resource, and enjoy some of the best facilities offered in the MLM industry. With the high growth rate and a superb and effective product line, Eniva is set to dominate the field of Healthcare Network Marketing.