Dating Cougars – A Guide to the Exciting World of Dating Cougar Women

Dating cougar women. Wow! It is an experience every man should have. They are older, they know a lot and have experienced a lot too. They are often sexually unsatisfied, so if you are able to satisfy them you are in for the night(s) of your life. Let me clue you in, if you are on the fence about trying to sleep with a cougar, be on the fence no more. It is a cheap thrill, and nothing will come out of the relationship, but that is what it is: A Thrill!

How do you go about dating cougars

A cougar is like any other woman you may meet. Many of the same things apply trying get her interested. You need to be confident charming and sure of yourself. If she is married or not, she is probably sick of the boring couch potatoes that she knows. You have to show her a glimpse of an interesting and exciting life. Make her yearn to be young and in love. Then be ready to hold on for dear life.

Where do I find Cougars to date

They are everywhere. You could find them anywhere you find women. The problem is, lets say you approach a hot, sexy older women in a grocery store: A. She might not be a cougar, just a hot older woman in a satisfactory relationship B. She might be a cougar, but sometimes timing is everything, and that may not be the time. Take a shot anywhere if you are bold, but I would say the best place is bars. In bars you know she is on the prowl and ready to go. If you have your game down should be like shooting MILF’s in a barrel. A pro hint: Bars attached to hotels are awesome, you can get out of town ladies looking for fun and local ladies also there looking for the ease of the hotel. (A+ Cougar spot)