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Why Are Many People Stuck When They Already Know About The Law Of Attraction?

The law of attraction has definitely received great fame with those who are interested in personal growth and empowerment. It appears to be quite an attractive idea even to the masses and so we’ve done well to bring it to the surface and give it center stage when talking about deliberate creation. As sexy as it might be to talk about and attempt to control this law, the truth is it is beyond our control. We cannot control or alter in any way, any of the universal laws because they forever work in a precise and unalterable manner. This misunderstanding of why we teach the law of attraction by individuals who are seeking new results might be why many still feel stuck even though they already know so much. Let’s try to dissolve that in a simple way.

In the same way a student or professor of mathematics both know that it is a science and a principle that one must work with should they desire to gain results, you too need to realize that all universal spiritual laws are pretty much the same as all physical laws. The fact that they operate outside of the physical domain doesn’t make them any less powerful or precise. And while the law of attraction is certainly a law worth knowing, it is by far not the law you need to give any effort to because it is your manger; you trying to manage it just simply sends you further down the rabbit hole. As the CEO of your life, putting your nose in the business of the manager simply shows that you have no faith in him or her. Even in a standard company, the CEO never meddles with the work of the manager, he simply ensures he has a great manager and leaves him to do his thing. This law being your manager is more accurate than any physical manager you could appoint and it will unfailingly work for you as long as there is life.

The law of attraction responds to you, not what you say, affirm, or physically do but what and how you are being. This it determines based on the signals you send out energetically and through your dominant vibration or in other words, emotionally. But your emotions are very much determined by your stored patterns of thinking, your deep beliefs, convictions, habits and the image you have of yourself.

So you see, knowing about the law of attraction really doesn’t mean anything when it comes to creating success and a thriving lifestyle because the real work lies with you. It is the law of your being that you want to start knowing more about and align with; it is your beliefs, convictions, the stored patterns of thinking and responding, the self-image you have that you really want to invest all your energy and effort remodeling because these things collectively called paradigms, are what make your life really awesome or really awful. Universal laws only make sure that you always get what’s rightfully yours.

Whether or not you’re a student of personal growth, if you’re tired of frequently feeling stuck, worried and taking action that doesn’t produce as great results as would satisfy you, then I urge you to spend some time understanding and aligning your mind with the great law of our being. You want to know how the law of your being works and the principle behind the process of generating results. If you take some time to figure this out, it will become evident to you that the law of attraction is cool but none of your concern because as long as you’ve got your mind intact and directed properly, your paradigms will always be working in service to your highest good and the law of attraction (the manager) will keep doing what it’s always done – bring things of a like nature together, in perfect harmony.

However, without the right knowledge of the laws of mind, without new paradigms relative to the things you’re working on producing, you’ll keep sending out the old signals which will lawfully produce corresponding conditions to match what you predominantly have going on. It is true that many people continue feeling stuck and overwhelmed when they already know about the law of attraction as well as other personal development teachings like the power of affirmations, visualizations and so on. There’s nothing wrong with these things or the people who try to use them to no avail. It is simply a lack of enough right understanding on the role that the mind plays when it comes to shifting reality and creating results. These things work for someone who already works with their mind and is continuously carrying on an active, loving development and directing of it. Perhaps it’s about time you made your mind more of a friend than a mysterious enigma.