Scalp Sores and Scabs: Major Causes and Treatment

Nowadays, people are using products for hairstyling almost every day. And while those become less and less harmful over time, the damage is still there. And washing your hair with shampoo won’t always help.

If you have scalp sores, scabs, and itching, there may be a greater problem than the need to wash again. But any issue can be fixed with a doctor’s visit and a product that deeply cleanses both hair and scalp, rejuvenating it and balancing oil.

Let’s get deeper into the causes of scalp sores and find out what kind of treatment will help.

The Major Causes of Scalp Sores and Scabs

The main cause of scalp itching and scabbing is dermatitis. There are several types of it, and we’ll review the two most common ones.

Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff)

Seborrheic dermatitis, better known as dandruff, is the most common skin condition nowadays. It causes flaking, scabbing, irritation, and itching. If white or yellow flakes on your hair and clothes are familiar to you, it may be the cause.

There’s no definitive list of conditions that lead to dandruff. The good news is, it’s not contagious or a sign of deteriorating health or poor hygiene. Here are some reasons that may cause seborrheic dermatitis:

  • Poor shampoo;
  • Drying shampoo;
  • Product buildup, etc.

Even babies get dandruff.

The best treatments include:

  • Pyrithione zinc;
  • Tar;
  • Salicylic acid.

There are lots of options in drug stores, but make sure to find out more about the contents before buying an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Contact Dermatitis

This condition may be caused by something you touch that triggers an allergic reaction.

Anything may become a trigger:

  • Hair dye;
  • Shampoo not suitable for your skin;
  • Hair jewelry;
  • Dirty comb, etc.

The result is a number of burns and irritations on your head, as well as scabbing. The condition isn’t contagious and will clear up over time. However, it’s wise to go see a doctor to consult on how to make the healing quicker and less painful.

A doctor’s visit is essential if:

  • You notice symptoms of an infection;
  • The condition doesn’t clear up for a long time;
  • The wounds become more painful;
  • You notice more patches like this.

An Effective Treatment for Scalp Sores and Scabs

Visiting a doctor is necessary if you have a severe condition, pain, blood after scratching, and if the condition bothers you for a long time.

However, if the condition isn’t too alarming, just uncomfortable, there are many shampoos and conditioners for scabs and soreness treatment. You can get info by clicking here about a Zincplex complex that will heal your scalp in a month.

The shampoo and conditioner deep-cleanse the roots and scalp, removing excess product that may have been there for years, impossible to clean up with another product. As a result, you get no extra sebum release, no itching, no flaking, no sores.

Choosing proper hair and scalp care is essential for curing all kinds of problems. If you’re tired from constant scratching, sore scalp, itching, and flakes on your hair and clothes, it’s time to try Zincplex!